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We offer both in-person and online services. In-person services have been available to the residents near our offices since 2006 and Online services for distant and international clients since 2012. If you are looking for Anger Management, Couple Counselling, Anxiety Counselling, Depression Counselling, Family Counselling, Personal and Spiritual development or any other form of Counselling or Psychotherapy services, please feel free to contact us.

General Enquiries:
Email: Info@CaminoCounselling.co.uk
Tel: 01933 395 497 (Private office line with answer machine)

Anger Management and Couple Counselling Carlos:
Tel: 01933 395 497 (Private office line with answer machine)
Mob: 0742 714 4234
Email: Carlos@CaminoCounselling.co.uk
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Tel: 01933 358 739 (Private office line with answer machine)
Mob: 0783 778 4663
Email: Suzanne@CaminoCounselling.co.uk
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In-Person Catchment Area
CaminoCounselling operates out of two counselling rooms located in Higham Ferrers. As such, it is easily accessible to the residents of Rushden, Higham Ferrers, Wellingborough, Northampton, Bedford, Finedon, Kettering, Irthlingborough, Caldecott, Irchester, Earls Barton, Great Doddington, Harrowden, Raunds, Stanwick, Burton Latimer, Olney, …
Online Counselling Services
For those further afield or who will find it difficult to attend in person, we have been providing Online Counselling services since 2012. We are highly experienced in providing online services so that you can access our excellent services from the comfort of your own home or office.

Making a Difference

“I went to see Carlos around 8 months ago… I am a manger of a workshop, so my job can be very stressful. Carlos taught me to calm down & take one day at a time. I used to think I was the only one that could get the jobs done at work. I did learn that with a little bit of patience & direction my staff were quite capable too. This has made my job less stressful & less angry. I found Carlos very easy to talk to about any part of my life. Which is a new one to me. I am the sort of person that that holds everything in. Now I have learnt there is a different way. Thanks Carlos for all your help.”

Expect hard work

“Carlos has an intrinsic knowledge of human nature and has had a lot of life experience. The advice he gives you is very practical and sound, and works, and comes from a very genuine place. He is not there to be your friend, to tell you what you want too hear, or boost his ego by boosting yours. <b>He is there to help you, and is very good at it</b>. Don’t expect miracles out of the blue, expect it too be hard work, but he will help you, and make you understand, face up to the problems you are hitting, and give you the right advice on how too work through them. Thanks Carlos.”

Insightful and Interesting Learning Experience

“Carlos, thank you for a really insightful and interesting learning experience, the result of which is that I am more positive and embrace each day with renewed vigour.

I am a much happier person and this can only be of benefit to all things in my life.”

Totally Refreshing

“Carlos was a great help during a very difficult time for me. I was quite nervous at first but his direct & honest approach helped me see my situation in a more positive & constructive light. Carlos is one of the most interesting people I have met and his perspective on life was totally refreshing and at odds with everything I thought before. I would highly recommend him.

Counselling 18 year old – Ten Years Later

I have wanted to give you an update on my life for a long time… [Ten years ago] the last time I came to see you, I had just met a new girl…We have been together ever since.
… My relationships with my family are so strong and so filled with love.
… thank you to you Carlos, I realise now how much you helped me during some more difficult times in my life.
I was very confused and lost, you gave me the encouragement I needed and helped me see some light at the end of the tunnel, for this I am so grateful.
Sending you so much love and gratitude!

Life Changes

My therapy really helped me to be dynamic and more relaxed.
I had a good year in terms of my ability to handle the business.
I’m in a good place mentally and appear to be doing better than most other people I know.

Thanks very much for your help, it made a huge difference to my quality of life.


A thank you message for all your help over the last 4 months.
It has been invaluable for myself to get back on track as a person, father and husband.
My wife and I are getting on great at present, still lots to sort out, and I also have news I start a new career at the end of the month, so things are really moving forward.
Will be in touch real soon for a meeting if that’s OK.

Individual Couple Counselling

Thought I’d drop a line to let you know that we have fully reconciled.
We have worked hard together to get rid of the negative, anxious vibes that have plagued our relationship for sometime.
We are a work in progress but are good friends again, working well together, giving each other space when needed and all this benefiting our children and family life.
I personally would like to thank you again for helping me to look at my and our issues to change my life style and thinking.

Thank You!

Thank you so much, always appreciate having your input. I know it is your job, but, your unique perspective is what I need.

Service Summary

Both Carlos and Suzanne are highly skilled and experienced Psychotherapists and Counsellors specialising in common Mental health issues, Relationship issues, Couple Counselling, and Personal and Spiritual Development. They have been in practice since 2006 and 2007 respectively and in private practice since 2010. They have helped thousands of people improve their lives, achieve goals and overcome Mental Health issues.

Individual Mental Health Services

Anger Management
Anger issues are very common to men, women and children and range from extreme to passive, from Domestic Violence to Sulking and Rejection, but always they are damaging to relationships, careers, family, and overall quality of life. While many people are ashamed of their behaviour, excusing it, denying it, blaming others, … in truth, providing the Anger sufferer is willing to apply themselves, Anger issues are readily resolvable. With the help of an effective Anger Management and Resolution specialist therapist, there is no need to despair, loose hope or give up. You do not have to ‘just put up with it’ or live in a toxic relationship. Both Carlos and Suzanne are Anger Management specialist therapists who have since 2006 helped hundreds and hundreds of people to both overcome their anger issues and repair the damage they have done, so that they may live stable and happy lives. Read More…
Anxiety Therapy
Of all the mental health issues people face, Anxiety, and its related issues, is the most common and because of its prevalence, it is the most destructive to personal wellbeing, relationships, family life and overall quality of life. However, despite popular opinion to the contrary, Anxiety, is another readily resolvable condition. One does not have to ‘live with it’, one can overcome it. While it may not be easy to do so, given effort and the help of an effective skilled counsellor or psychotherapist, an individual may turn their life around and become a truly happy and confident person. The keys here are the dedication of the individual and the ability of the therapist. Sadly, however, most therapists have little to no idea how to resolve such a common issue and will instead flounder and perhaps waste years, working in circles hoping for divine intervention or spontaneous insight… Which never comes. Read More…
Depression Counselling
Antidepressants are amongst the most commonly prescribed medications in the world, for one of the most commonly diagnosed conditions in the world and yet Depression, despite medication, continues to damage people’s lives regardless of medication. Medical doctors seem happy to prescribe antidepressants to individuals for decades regardless of efficacy, studies, and advice to the contrary and ‘patients’, seemingly, are willing are willing to take them regardless of the results… Perhaps, that is why they are called patients. Many patients attribute the effect of placebo to ineffectual medication. Once with the above, once again, Depression is a readily resolvable condition given appropriate help and support. Read More…

Couple and Relational Health Services

Couple Counselling
Couple Counselling and Marriage Counselling are an effective way of maintaining, improving and repairing one’s intimate relationship. As a skilled and experienced Couple Counsellor, Carlos can help you improve your communication, resolve issues, improve your connection, establish stability and reliability, understand each other better and get needs met.
Relationship Counselling
Couple Counselling extends beyond intimate couples to include Parent and Child couples, Siblings, Friends, Business Partners, and others. In fact, there is a massive overlap between now we function within our intimate relationships and others relationships such that, one can consider it like a tide that lifts all boats. Developing one develops the others and developing the others develops that one… Providing that one does not compartmentalise them. Therefore one can consider the attitudes and skills transferable to all forms or relationship.

Personal and Spiritual Development Services

Walking the path
While real Personal and Spiritual Development is a wonderful endeavour and worthy of much energy and time, it is often a difficult subject to broach with people and therefore, doing so, can sometimes be greeted with resistance. It is common for people to become somewhat attached to their idea of Personal or Spiritual Development, enamoured by the subject and its perceived trappings and thereby attributing to themselves an assumed ‘level’ of development to surpass their peers or social circle, elevating themselves beyond the mondain. However, as such, there is always work to be done and issues to resolve. Issues relating to, – Spiritual Materialism – which distort purpose and meaning, leading people astray from the path. And difficult psychological, personal and or relational issues, which stymie progress. Thus, one’s approach in helping people achieve their goals needs to be both diplomatic and firm.
Carlos and Suzanne have helped hundreds and hundreds become more effective in their personal and spiritual development endeavours, redirecting the misguided, reinvigorating the stalled, and enlightening the confused. They take great joy and pleasure in being of service to all those that would walk the path to discovering and embodying their higher nature. Read More…


Walking Camino is the essence of a Personal and Spiritual journey. The Camino De Santiago De Compostela is a pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, a city in northwest Spain who’s cathedral is said to house the remains of the apostle James which as been walked for over a thousand years by millions of people on their spiritual journeys. These days, people from all walks for life and of all ages determine to walk the Path of St. James for many reasons. While for many it is a religious pilgrimage, the journey has much to offer to anyone who chooses to walk. More…
Camino Images
Most images being used on this site to illustrate Counselling, Psychotherapy, Anger Management, etc. and Personal and Spiritual growth are taken from Carlos’ and Suzanne’s six journeys on the Camino De Santiago De Compostela. More…

Camino Counselling Site Purpose

This site has several purposes. Primarily its purpose is to be a useful and practical resource for all things Counselling and Psychotherapy, including Anger Management, Anxiety and Depression Counselling, Improving Parenting Skills, Couple and Marriage Counselling and much more besides, but with special attention being paid to a holistic approach to Personal, Spiritual and Relational development. Yes, the services offered with regard to specific issues are excellent and truly effective and if that is what the individual needs, then one could not find and engage with more effective therapists than Carlos and Suzanne. However, for those that want help in both or either the practical resolution of issues and in becoming more developed in all aspects of their life, then Suzanne and Carlos are skilled and experienced in Personal, Relational and Spiritual Development and will happily be of service. The reason for the name, Camino Counselling, is that counselling while often very practical in helping people get their lives on track, there is more to be had. Camino Counselling – The Way of Counselling, represents the potential for assistance in the greater journey of life undertaken by each individual.